Red Dirt Boxer Rescue(RDBR) is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. RDBR provides adoption services as well as helping current boxer owners find their dogs a forever home. RDBR strives to promote responsible pet ownership. We provide several rescue services from taking in abandoned and abused boxers to rescuing them from shelter’s. RDBR conducts a thorough adoption process and that continues long after a boxer has found it’s new forever home. We also offer assistance to any other boxer rescue that reaches out to us. RDBR also helps current boxer owners with behavioral problems in order to help that family keep their beloved companion.

RDBR is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers with many years of experience in performing rescue work with other established groups. After careful consideration, we have made the big decision to become an independent rescue group. We believe the establishment of Red Dirt Boxer Rescue will enable us to concentrate our efforts within the state, and to better serve both boxers and owners in Oklahoma and neighboring communities. Our volunteers include individuals who have rescue, dog training and behavior experience. Most importantly we are boxer owners who are dedicated to saving the breed that we all love unconditionally.

Our Mission

Red Dirt Boxer Rescue is a group of dedicated individuals who have made it their mission to find safe,
loving homes for homeless or displaced boxers located throughout the State of Oklahoma.