How it all started…

Co-founders, Teresa Adkins (former President) and Nancy Derusha (former Vice-President), were volunteering for another rescue as a foster homes, but wanted a way to make a larger impact.  Over drinks in Teresa’s pool, the long time friends decided to start RDBR to help save more boxers.  They quickly found others just as passionate as they were and on August 31, 2007, Red Dirt Boxer Rescue was born.  Volunteers immediately went to work saving lives and raising money to become a rescue and RDBR has since become a statewide 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Volunteers from all walks of life open their hearts and homes to Boxers from some of the most dire of circumstances, all with a common goal, “A home for every Boxer and a Boxer in ever home!”  As of January 2014, team RDBR has successfully saved, rehabilitated, and placed over 2000 Boxers and we can proudly say that we have never refused to help any boxer because of its size, age, looks, or even health problems. If the boxer’s illness or injury is so severe that we can not give them a healthy, happy home, then you can be assured that we make sure that he/she leaves this world in the loving arms of a volunteer and NOT on a cold concrete floor of a shelter or in a backyard all alone.

RDBR is contacted daily and asked to take boxers from various life threatening situations:  shelters, veterinarian clinics, strays roaming the streets and/or the abandoned left tied up in a yard.  When they are so ill that even the shelters are not able to help them, RDBR has always stepped up to the plate.  We provide food, shelter, love, medical care and do everything we can to make them healthy, happy, loving boxers so they can finally become a part of a family that will give them the home they deserve.

RDBR’s volunteers often wear many hats as there is so much more to a successful rescue than meets the eye. Everyone in a rescue has to work as a team and there are no limits to all the hard work and long hours our dedicated volunteers give.  We advocate animal rights legislation, such as the current Oklahoma House Bill 2764, which will eradicate the use of the “gas chamber” as a means to euthanize unwanted pets.   We stress the importance of spay/neuter, annual vaccinations, and heartworm prevention.  We dream that one day, boxers will no longer be thrown out like yeterday’s newspaper just because they are no longer the cute little puppy purchased from a breeder.  We dream there will no longer be a need for animal rescues at all, but until laws are changed and owners educated about responsible Boxer ownership, RDBR will be here!

“People ask how can we do what we do…how can we not?” ~ Teresa Adkins, President