Lost & Found

If you have recently lost a Boxer, please submit the following information on the form below and email three clear photographs to: lost@reddirtboxerrescue.com. Typically a volunteer will contact you within a few hours and frequently via email or text, so be sure and keep your phone nearby.

If you have found a Boxer, please take the Boxer to your local veterinarian to have them checked for a microchip prior to submitting the form below. Please understand that we are all volunteers and RDBR is contacted daily about stray “Boxers” and because of this, we cannot take in every found Boxer on the spot. Before accepting a lost or stray Boxer, they must be checked for a microchip and we must verify with photographs that they are, in fact, a Boxer. Unfortunately, due to the number of Boxers in need, we are currently unable to accept Boxer mixes and we urge you to contact non-breed specific rescues.

If you were unsuccessful in locating an owner via tags or microchip, please fill out the form below and email photographs of the found or stray Boxer to found@reddirtboxerrescue.com. Please understand that you will likely be asked to hold the Boxer until arrangements can be made to place the Boxer in foster care. If you are not prepared to hold the Boxer, please contact your local animal control.