Boxer ER Updates

Below is a list of Boxers under current medical care by RDBR. Please check back for updates on the status and any new fosters being treated.

 Ace #2

     Ace #2, is a sweet boy that came to us with a partially torn ACL.  He is currently taking it easy at his current foster home hoping his ligament will reattach completely and fully heal on it’s own.  In the mean time we are saving up in case this baby boy needs ACL surgery.  He is a very sweet boy that wants nothing but to kiss faces and run around and play. Since there isn’t much running around and playing going on, he is getting all the face kisses in he possibly can.  To meet Ace and see how wonderful he truly is you can visit him at some of our adoption events, contact us directly, or fill out an adoption application if you are interested in giving him a forever home. 

     Since our last update, I am sad to say, Ace’s ACL has torn completely.  We are now in need of donations and financial support to help this boy walk normally again.  Currently he cannot put weight on his back right leg.  We are keeping him as comfortable as we can under the circumstances until we are able to afford his surgery. 

     May 18, 2016-  Ace had is surgery yesterday.  He is now resting in his foster home undergoing 6-10 weeks of severely limited activity while his leg heals.  Red Dirt Boxer and Ace thank everyone for their contributions and continued support.  We will keep you up to date on his progress here.    

May 26, 2016-  Ace got his stitches out today and the doctor says he is heeling nicely.  Ace #2 legThe swelling is gone but he still has to keep from running or jumping.  He is slowly putting more weight on his leg.  A few more weeks of rest and healing and he will he good as new.   



If you would like to help by supporting a specific dog, provide items from the wish list, or by simply donating to the rescue, please click the donate button on the left of your screen or contact RDBR at for more information.

We greatly appreciate your support and generosity.  Because of you we can save more lives and Ace #2 will be able to walk normally again!!!