We’re delighted that you’re considering adopting a boxer into your family! The first step in adopting through Red Dirt Boxer Rescue is to fill out our application and submit it. Once RDBR receives your application the adoption committee carefully reviews it and assigns a representative to call and talk to you. We want to make sure adopting a boxer is the right fit for you and your family. If you have identified a particular dog or dogs, we will give you all of the information we have about them, and we may put you in contact with foster parents who can give you the most extensive information possible. We may set up one or multiple meetings for you, your family, and the dog to make sure that everyone gets along. We then call your references and may set up a time to do a home visit. We try to do everything we can to make sure that each adoption is right for the family, for the dog, and for a lifetime commitment!

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Fosters are our lifeblood! Without generous volunteers who open up their homes to our dogs we would not be able to help boxers and adoptive families make perfect connections. Fostering is a fun and rewarding experience and our gratitude to our foster homes is immeasurable. All foster homes are provided with a crate and collar for each dog, and all vet work is paid for by RDBR. Whenever we receive a donation of food it is shared with all foster homes. We also spread other donations such as blankets, toys, leads, and treats across our foster homes. Fosters get the enjoyable job of naming their foster dog, treating him or her as a family member, taking pictures and writing descriptions of their foster dog, and watching him or her grow into a loving companion.

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We realize that sometimes life takes us down a path we may not have expected, forcing us to give up things we love. If you are considering surrendering your boxer, please contact us. While we cannot honor every owner surrender request we receive, we will do everything we can to help keep you and your faithful companion together or to place your pet in a loving home. One of the most important things you can do to make this process easier is to contact us early. Because we rely solely on foster homes and focus our efforts primarily on rescuing dogs from kill shelters, we are almost always at maximum capacity with dogs that would otherwise face imminent death. Before you submit an owner surrender form, please contact us to inquire about our current ability to accept more dogs. In all cases, owners must complete a surrender form and provide us with quality pictures of the dog to be relinquished. If we are able to accept a dog, owners will often be required to hold the dog until it is adopted or until a foster home becomes available.

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