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By now you’ve surely heard about by-products in pet foods.

You know that pet food is not regulated the same way human grade food is, and things like eyeballs, intestines, feet, beaks, feathers, euthanized cattle, pigs, cats and dogs are allowed to be in pet foods (this also includes their collars, metal ID tags and any medications the animal had in his or her system at time of death).

These types of pet foods contribute to poor health conditions like obesity, dental problems and skin and coat issues, just to name a few. When you feed your dog premium pet food, holistic foods, home cooking, or a raw diet your pet’s overall health will improve, including food allergies and skin conditions. Some experts believe the risk of certain cancers can even decrease with premium food and vitamin supplements.

Below is a list of foods that, to our knowledge, are holistic and/or free of pesticides, chemicals, by-products, and artificial preservatives, like BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin which are linked to cancers!


Compliled by the Whole Dog Journal

Azmira Classic (Azmira Holistic Animal Care)Back to Basics (Beowulf Natural Foods)California NaturalInnova (Natura Pet Products)

Canidae (Canidae Corp)

Eagle Pack Holistic Select (Eagle Pet Products)

Flint River Ranch, Dry Water (Flint River Ranch)


Millenia (Solid Gold)

Limited Diets Duck & Potato (Innovative Veterinary Diets)

Natural Balance Ultra Premium (Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance)

Lifespan (Petguard)

Pinnacle (Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods)

Prime Life (Owen & Mandeville Pet Products)

PHD Canine Growth & Maintenance (Perfect Health Diet Products)

Showbound Naturals (Integrated Pet Products)

Timberwolf Organics (Yukon Nutritional Co.)

Wellness Super5 Mix Lamb (Old Mother Hubbard)

Wysong Maintenance (Wysong Corp.)

Nutro Ultro Holistic (Nutro Products Inc.)

Natural 6 Mix (Artemis)

Holistic Natural Canine Formula (Bench & Field)

Brown Rice & Ocean Fish (Burns Pet Nutrition)

Adult Maintenance Formula, Chicken & Brown Rice (Drs. Foster & Smith)

Super Premium Chicken, Fruit & Vegetable Diet (Go! Natural)

Natural Blend Adult Formula (Royal Canin)

Lamb & Rice Medley (Prairie – Nature’s Variety)

GP Advantage Diet: Chicken Meal, Oats, & Brown Rice (VeRus)