White Boxers

Here we would like to offer some information on white boxers.

Not all white boxers are deaf!

White boxers are not caused by genetic birth defects. Just like human hair color is the product of combined genetics of the parents, so is the color of a boxer’s coat.

25% of boxer puppies are white or almost white.

White boxers do not meet the breed standard and because of this they are frequently euthanized by the breeders.

White boxers can be registered with AKC. However, they can’t be shown in the conformation ring but are allowed to be shown in obedience ring.

White boxers have not been proven to have more health problems.

White boxers are more prone to sunburn if in direct sun for long periods of time. Sunburn is easily prevented, though. If you are planning a extended outdoor activity with your boxer you simply need to apply sunscreen to his ears and face, primarily.

Most white boxers are neither deaf nor blind. Only 18% of white boxers are deaf and our rescue has never had a blind white boxer. The cause of deafness in white boxers is the absence of pigment cells in the inner ear, resulting in a loss of sensory hair cells at about 6-8 weeks of age. This shortage of pigment cells is the cause of white coat and unpigmented third eyelids.

White boxers should be spayed and neutered. This is because white boxers are more likely to reproduce deaf puppies. Even though your boxer maybe able to hear, their puppies may not.

Intelligent, motivated, and eager to please, boxers respond well to training. Deaf boxers have proven to be adept at learning hand signals, sign language, and flashlights. Even with a hearing impairment a white boxer can be a well-trained and obedient companion.

Although they may be unfamiliar to some, in every way the white boxers are the same as their colorful counterparts. They share the same energy, personality, loyalty, and playfulness and make wonderful family members for many households.